This Huge German Shepherd Playing With Puppy Is Absolutely Adorable

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Every pet needs to socialize. It is the process of getting the pets accustomed with their environment.

This process involves safely introducing them to the object, smell, sound, human and other pets inside the house. Socialization is the way to ensure that the dog will be healthy on its mental aspect. Socializing is essential during the first month of the puppy’s life, and it will be a lifetime process. However, there are pet owners that tend to protect their puppy and prevent them from socializing with other dogs. Last 2013, a video about a puppy playing with the German shepherd has gone viral. It features a puppy named Zoey playing relentlessly with a huge dog and appears that he is enjoying his time with the big dog. The question however is- is it safe to let the small puppy played with the big dogs?
Keeping Your Puppy Safe with the Big Dogs
I often told myself that I will rob my puppy of the opportunity to get used to the other big dogs and the experience to socialize with the same species when I prevent them from playing with other big dogs. During the times that I let them play with bigger dogs, I still make it a point to consider these things.
There is a general rule that small dogs that are below the 25-pound mark should not be allowed to play with the big dogs. Unfortunately, this cannot be treated as a golden rule. It is not a matter of “who they play with” but “how they play”. If you allow small dogs with a mild personality play with small dogs with a feisty personality, the mild dog will obviously find it hard to adjust. Although there are dogs that have similar weight, their personality and trait highly vary.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.