When This Kitten ‘Attacks’ Huge Pit Bull The Most Amazing Thing Happens

Watch What Happens When a Cute Kitty Attacks a Pit Bull

Everyone knows that dogs and cats hate each other– right? It’s a proven fact. The dogs chase the cats and cats, if they’re lucky enough to get away, live to see another day. But what about when the kitten fights back? In this video you will watch both a cat and a video and what they do will change how you see dogs and cats forever! Check this video out to see just what happens when a god and a kitty cat start play-fighting.

When Kittens Attack
Meet a little yellow kitten and a huge Pitbull dog. In the video, the two pets are just getting to know each other, as the kitten is the latest addition to the family. While many pet owners may worry bringing a little baby kitten around a full grown Pit Bull, but not this family.

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In the video you will see the kitten start to bother the puppy. First she stares at him, almost as if to challenge him. Then she starts to swat his hind legs as he looks on in amusement. As she starts playing with his paws, our Pitbull friend starts wagging his tail, clearly enjoying the attention. Just when the kitten starts to get into it, the Pit Bull makes his move and licks her!

An Unlikely Friendship
As the kitten continues to bat his legs and his face, the Pitbull licks her all over until she rolls over on the floor. It’s clear that these two are becoming fast friends. While most people would assume this friendship would never happen, these two precious pets have proven us wrong and shown the world the power of love and acceptance.
kitten attacks pit bull

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