The Amazing Story Of An Abandoned Mutt That Will Touch Even The Toughest Of Hearts

It is an age-old truth that human nature’s biggest flaw is selfishness. At the end of the day most of us tend to fend for ourselves in order to make sure that our needs are met.

This is most seen in infants- the idea of “mine” is not one that is taught or even one that is encouraged. Instead, it comes out of them because it is human nature and we must teach and train them to share and to think of others first. Of course as humans we want to do good and do right by others, but it is not always easy to make the sacrifice.

What if I told you that there was a sweet pup out in the world somewhere who has a bigger heart than most humans you have probably ever met? Would you believe me? This true story is unlike any story you’ have probably ever heard. It is all about a junkyard dog who lives in Brazil- her name is Lilica.

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Lilica was abandoned in front of a junkyard in San Carlos when she was very young. Her owners just left her there, alone, scared, and homeless. Her tenacity overcame her broken heart and she instantly became the joy of all of the children living in poverty around the junkyard. She took it upon herself to lovingly play with and look after the rest of the junkyard population, as well, such as cats, other dogs, and even chickens. She played with them and created a family amongst all of the different species in the junkyard- a tribe to call her own.

Abandoned Mutt

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