Our dogs are our companions. Most of them come in our life when they are puppies and they grow up before our eyes and we love them and can’t imagine being apart.

We become, in a sense, inseparable. We do a lot of activities together. We walk together, play together, watch TV together and our beloved pooch often time sleeps beside us.

So, of course, we get use to each other and know each other’s habits very well and of course we get used to each other. So when we have to leave for a day or two or longer our pooch misses us, waits for us and can’t find a place for himself.

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He will look out the window for hours to see if we are finally coming back. He will be in general a very sad pal, until we return.
This next video is about family being away on vacation and how emotional their dog Gracie becomes when they come back. The sounds she makes almost makes you want to cry yourself.

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