Poor Dog With His Mouth Taped Finds The Help Just In Time For Christmas

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The homeowner and his friends took the dog to North Central Emergency Veterinary Center.

Sherri Christopher of Guardians of the Green Mile, an animal rescue group, was alerted and what followed was a prompt response.A diagnosis inferred Chance had both his hips broken. By the time he was taken to the clinic, he was foaming through the noise, for the obvious inability to open his mouth which also impairs their breathing. He was having great difficulty to breathe at the time of the diagnosis, even though the tape had been removed. The vets have recommended surgery and that would be costly. Guardians of the Green Mile are ready to help. Chance has been under a supervision and he is being treated proactively.
Image source: Guardians Of The Green Mile
In addition to broken ribs, Chance’s upper lips are almost rubbed down to the gums. Despite the obvious pain and the memory of having been subjected to undeniable abuse, Chance is showing signs of recovering and is not stopping to wag his tail. Chance is expected to recover and would perhaps find a new home, which wouldn’t treat him the way his previous owner did.
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Main Image Source: Imgur

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.