Poor Dog With His Mouth Taped Finds The Help Just In Time For Christmas

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What Can You Do If You Suddenly Find Yourself Taped To Keep Your Mouth Shut?

If your hands are free, you can try and get rid of the tape. What can you do when your hands are tied and you cannot remove the tape? You could possibly go looking for help unless you are locked somewhere. Now that you can imagine the sheer gruesome reality you would be compelled to face, think of a dog with his mouth taped and abandoned with broken bones.
Dogs cannot use their limbs like humans. We can still make various kinds of noises with our arms and legs, dogs cannot. When Chance was left to his fate with broken bones and taped mouth, he could not have done anything other than loitering and hoping to be found. With broken bones, he couldn’t have traveled far either. Fortunately, he chanced upon a home and got to the door where he wouldn’t have to wait long for a miracle to happen.
Aptly named Chance, the dog ended up at the door of a family in Michigan City, Indiana. The dog was found wandering in a yard. It was a stray dog and appeared to be otherwise docile.The people at the house were celebrating Christmas and it was the auspicious night when Chance was rescued.
Image source: Guardians Of The Green Mile

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.