When You Learn What Happened to This Poor Dog, It Will Leave You Breathless. Heartbreaking!

Fox 5 contacted Kong for a statement. Hillary Van Der Zee, The Vice President of Brand Impact for Kong said they are deeply grieved to hear the news. They have already reached out to Max’s family and are now doing an extensive review with regards to the case.

She also said that safety has always been their priority. The particular toy has been out on the market for more than 5 years now and is the first time they heard such news. Also, they will need to sort out the facts before determining the next step.

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Image Source: Fox 5

The Dodo reached out to Kong and was told they are making specific steps in order to make sure no other dogs will be harmed. For the full statement of Kong, you can check the link at the bottom of the article.

It’s alarming to find out that your dog’s beloved toy could potentially harm them, or even cause injuries. Pet safety should always be a priority most especially for pet supplies and products. Manufacturers should have strict rules when it comes to production. They need to make sure whatever they release in the market would only provide positive results.

I do pray that no other dog or pet will suffer the same fate as Max I also hope that Kong and other pet product makers and suppliers will learn from this incident. Losing a loved one like your pet dog is devastating. No one deserves to suffer and no one deserves to be put in harm’s way.

As pet owners, we must only choose the best products there is. Looking for reviews and choosing what you think would be a great choice is not good enough. We must always be vigilant and look after our dogs to make sure nothing can go wrong. Prevention will forever be better than cure.

You can read the article where this reviews is based at together with the complete statement issued by Kong to The Dodo here.

You can watch full video on Fox 5.

Image Source: Fox 5

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