A Simple Call Saved A Dog With A Gaping Wound, And His Life Changed Forever

The poor stray dog was so trusting even if she’s in a lot of pain. Maybe she had no energy left to protest, too exhausted to move. Upon arriving at the hospital, vets prepared to check on him and his wound. They started putting medicine in him massive wound, and found another wound on his back, and also tended to that said wound. They bandaged him up and gave him IV fluids.

They proceeded in cleaning the wound and his body and gave him one of his many medicated baths. When they removed the bandages, the vets were shocked to find that his wound was actually a lot worse. When they started cutting the necrotic skin around the wound, the wound was far deeper than they thought and extended inside his head and neck.

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Despite him gaping wound, him rescuers were confident that in time, she would heal, even if it could take a couple of weeks. She started eating and regaining his strength. His wound started to heal, he becomes attached to his rescuers and started coming out of his shell.

The sweet boy with a gaping wound who used to hide in a strangers house as if waiting for his own death angel to come was rescued, healed and recovered fully. Just after 6 weeks of treatment, Jupiter is now a happy and healthy dog with no more wounds.

He enjoys belly rubs, being pet and being hugged. She is constantly smiling, winking even when her rescuers come to pet and hug him. It was obvious how grateful he is for the second chance at life, and was very happy how he made a huge turn for the better.

Jupiter almost lost all hope when his condition worsened. He chooses to hide in a place her deemed safe for her, but at the same time was waiting for death to come. He chose to suffer away from the world, but the good thing is instead of a death angel, a good Samaritan came and asked for help to save him. It was not a failed attempt, as he recovered fully and learned how it felt to be loved and cared for.

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