A Simple Call Saved A Dog With A Gaping Wound, And His Life Changed Forever

Sometime in our lives, we may feel like hope is gone, but then you’ll find at least someone who lifts your spirits up. There were times when I want to give up in life – with all the struggles and challenges and problems I have to face every single day, it is tiring. It is exhausting, but somehow, when all hope is gone, something or someone will come rushing towards you, acting as the light.

I met one of my dogs during the darkest moments of my life. I was still young by then, barely an adult. I came to the park thinking I have nowhere else to go and cool my head when this pup came running at me. After a few minutes of ignoring her, I gave in and cuddled with the cute dog. Then her owner came looking for her, and I was sad again. But the owner went to sit beside me after seeing my face. I told her what happened, and she gave me words of encouragement. Then she said something incredible – she asked me if I wanted to keep her dog. She was actually looking for a home for her puppies as she couldn’t keep them all. I gladly agreed. I thanked her, went home, and my life changed forever.

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I never felt alone and found a true friend. Clowee was my first dog and I was hooked ever since. She was my first light, and will forever be my friend. I never looked at a dog the same way since then, and only hope that every dog gets the chance to live a happy life in a happy home.

Watch the epic rescue video below!

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