Yellow Labrador Puppy That Will Not Let You Get Bored And Will Keep You On Your Toes

This Never Gets Old Tiny Labrador Puppy – The Cutest Thing!

He seems to be too young to be away from his mother, but maybe he is just looks too small. But he is as cute as these tiny labrador puppies get. He loves to play with his little ball and roll on the floor biting it. Ideally this puppy should be 8 weeks or older since he is not with his mother. He is young and inquisitive and everything is new, that he wants to explore. He needs to go around everything inside the house smell and lick it to know what it is and to be familiar. And that is what this little guy is doing when you take a ball away from him, he will go around the house exploring and making the mess along the way. That is what these little guys do – learn and make mess while learning.
Lab puppy is taking a break…


about this cute yellow lab puppy playing with little ball and having fun…

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