7 Foods That We Love But the Dogs Hate

By Seeing The Enthusiasm Of The Dogs Towards The Food, We Initially Think That Our Dogs Love The Food That We Serve To Them.

However, dogs also have their own preference when it comes to food. Unfortunately, our faithful friend does not show any tad piece of action that can tell us that they do not like the stuff that we offer to them. So how can we tell if they like it or not? Here are some of the foods that we humans love, and the dogs despise.

1. Citrus

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We humans just love the smell of citrus, but our furry friend tends to shy away on that scent. Some of the smell of citrus such as grapefruit and oranges are being sprayed on some personal stuff to discourage your pet on chewing. Amazingly, there are also other dogs who love the smell of citrus. One way to tell is to use a citrus spray on your shoes, if it doesn’t prevent them from chewing your shoes then most probably, they like the smell of citrus.

2. Pepper

Most of us love to add pepper to improve the taste of our food. We also love to dip our food to condiments that have chili peppers. Though it may taste good in our palette, dogs hate the idea of being exposed to pepper. In fact, the spicier the food is, the more they hate the food. This is probably because of the fact that dogs have a heightened sense of smell. The smell of pepper irritates their nose, and also it tastes spicier on their palette.

3. Junk Foods

Dogs can smell the presence of cancer, drugs, and bomb. There are also certain theories that say that they can smell the scent of a less nutritious food that is why they do not like the taste of junk foods.

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