This Dog Ran Over To An Injured Coyote, What Happens Next Is So Unbelievable

Nature Takes Care Of Itself

This coyote injured his paw and was resting under the sun in the field at Harry Moss Park in Dallas. It is approx. 5.5 miles of mountain bike trail located along the bank of the White Rock Creek. This place attracts a lot of dog walkers and many of the dogs in the park are running around unleashed. It wasn’t obvious why this coyote is sitting in the high grass in the middle of the field with all of the people and dogs around, until…
Peacefully resting until…
coyote attacks labrador dog
This old labrador dog thought he can…turned out he can’t! Injured coyote showed the dog who is in charge here!
coyote attacks labrador dog
On the look out for more dogs…
coyote attacks labrador dog

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