Everyone Fought To Save Him From Hell And Now Nobody Wants Him

Social media has changed the world, for the better and for the worse…

While there are online trolls, fake news and myriad social ills reflected on the various platforms and often amplified, there are some positive outcomes as well. Social media can easily spread the message for help, bring people together for a cause and also mobilize resources for those in need. The latter happened to rescue a dog stranded in a mud pit next to a house that was scheduled for demolition.
The dog has been given many names. He has been called Noah, which is perhaps the most fitting name considering he was dealing with flooding in his mud pit whenever it rained.

He had also been called Demo by the construction workers in the area because the property was scheduled to be demolished. Noah or Demo was clearly abandoned and he had been stranded in the fenced mud put with a shabby dog house. Whenever it rained or the mud pit had standing water, Noah had to climb atop the dog house and stay pegged there to avoid getting wet.
Pictures of Noah standing on top of his dog house with the swamp of a mud pit on the ground went viral on social media. People started calling the local authorities for help. Everyone seemed interested to help poor dog.
Image source: Jeff Miller

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