Here Are The Shocking Reasons Why Adopting A Dog Is Way Better Than Buying One!

Going home with a new furry friend that will be the latest addition to the family is always an exciting day. We all know how good companions dogs are, and how they can take our stress away. Man’s best friend as all knows them, those puppy eyes can melt your heart in the quickest time without you knowing it.

When it comes to owning a dog, adopting a rescue dog is far more satisfying than having a store-bought pet. Many people who have rescue dogs can attest that they make the best pet, simply because they have so much love to offer.

There are many reasons why it is better to adopt than to buy a pet, and these are the following.

Adopting a dog is saving a life.

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Did you know that thousands of dogs are being killed every day because shelters can no longer accommodate them? With the number of dogs being rescued daily, shelters won’t have enough room for all. So what happens when the shelter is full and many dogs kept coming? They are either passed to other shelters, or senior dogs, those with many medical issues and needed expensive treatments and dogs that are deemed unadoptable are put down.

You get to save hundreds of dollars when adopting a dog.

Most dogs rescued and placed in shelters are already vaccinated, neutered or spayed and microchipped. You don’t have to pay for these processes as the shelter already do them for you. You get to save money while saving a rescue dog.

Adopting a pet cost considerably less than buying one.

While buying a dog can start from at least five hundred to thousands of dollars, you can adopt a pet for a lot lesser amount. That and considering most rescues are vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered, you get to save lots of money in return of a cute and cuddly canine you can call your own.

Rescued dogs are almost always healthier than store-bought or breeder-bought animals,

Rescue groups and shelters have vets that take care of dogs up to adoption. They make sure each dog is healthy and ready to be adopted. Buying dogs on the other hand, can’t guarantee that the dog you just bought is in tip-top shape. Most dogs are poorly vaccinated and can have different diseases not listed on their papers. There have been numerous cases when store-bought puppies turned out to be very weak, sickly and were suffering diseases that the store did not even bother telling them or treating the dog in the first place.

You’re never alone when you adopt a dog,

Rescues and shelters has the history of each dog they own, as well as the dog’s habits and personality. This gives you the advantage when you have questions you need answers for. If you need support, especially during the getting to know phase, the rescue group will very much be open to help. As for store-bought animals, you’re on your own once you take a step out of their store. You may not even know if the pet you bought was from an illegal breeder or a dog mill.

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