These Humans Come Through Thick Or Thin For Their Canines In Trouble…

When Humans are there for their Canine Best Friends

The bond that we have with our canine best friends goes back in centuries. We have always had each other’s back, dogs protecting humans and humans protecting dogs in return. Even with the many heartbreaking stories of humanity we listen all around the world every day, there are still golden-hearted people who risk even their own lives in order to save the lives of their best friends. Dogs are mostly very intelligent animals, keeping away from trouble most of the time, but there are times they involuntarily get themselves into a situation they cannot get out alone, and that is when the humans have been there to help them.
This video is a great compilation of situations where humans have saved the innocent canine friends from trouble. It feels rather emotional to watch how some people can be greatly selfless to the point they are willing to risk their own life to save a dog. Situations include fatal incidents such as being stranded and trapped in ice, in the middle of a lake; accidentally falling into wells, being trapped in floods, etc., and humans put their every possible level of power to bring them back into safety.
Dogs are genetically wired to always be their own rescuers, being one of the most active and capable animals in the world. Even after centuries of domestication, dogs still have the practice and intelligence to evaluate a certain situations and act in the best way. In these rescue missions, you can see how the dogs give the best support from their side for the humans to be able to rescue them. If it was any other animal, the rescue team usually may face difficulties from the animal. However, dogs respond in a way that makes it easier to rescue them from such a situation.

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