Did You Know That Your iPhone Could Help Rescue A Family Of Dogs? Awesome!

Suddenly, a stroke of genius hit the Hope for Paws representative. He went on YouTube and found a video of puppies crying and played it for Rosie to see if it would encourage her to action, and it did. Rosie got up and began to search frantically for her puppies. Finally, she found them! The representative stayed back and waited while he encouraged Rosie to lead him to her puppies. It is important to know that approaching puppies before the mother does is extremely dangerous because you cannot be certain how the mom will react. Rosie finally put her full trust in Hope For Paws and led them to her puppies. The team helped put her puppies near her so that she could nurse them, and once they nursed they were all transported to a veterinary hospital to receive treatment.

If you find a dog on the streets that you cannot keep, please be sure to do your research and make sure to take that sweet furry friend to a no-kill shelter. This ensures the animal will be placed into a loving home.
Stories like Rosie’s story offer hope for homeless dogs everywhere and they add great emphasis to the benefit of adopting a furry addition to your own family from a local shelter.

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