Ceasar To His Crew, “Stay Away I Can’t Protect You.” From This German Shepherd Dog

This Is One Of The Toughest If Not The Toughest Cases That Cesar Had to Deal With!

This German Shepherd Dog that Cesar has to work with, has severely injured one of the family members by biting her multiple times, which required lots of stitches and a ton of medical attention. This behavior can’t be repeated because next time he can just kill someone. The family placed a 911 call to Cesar, to save the family and to save the dog.


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Cesar came over knowing what he has to deal with, but he didn’t expect it to be so bad. When Cesar Milan came outside the house into the back yard for the first time, where the German Shepherd Dog was, he told his crew to stay away because he couldn’t protect them from the dog.

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