How to Make Sure Your Dog Does Not Bite

When a dog bites someone, it’s not just the pain that can insurmountable; the expenses to the pet owner can be quite steep as well.

If you have a new puppy or trying to figure out how to stop an older dog from biting there are a few things you can do to get this habit under control before it becomes a problem.
If you have a family pet, including your children in the training is a must as well, as your dog needs to understand the process of learning not to bite them also.
Do Not Let Them Mouth
Puppies often times use their mouths when playing around. This is what is referred to as mouthing. It can be much more dangerous and a cause for concern as your dog ages. They will become much stronger and not as sensitive to the reaction they get from people when they mouth them.
You should stop this habit early on by drawing back your hand and giving a yelp in a higher pitch, similar to what dogs do when they are hurt. Immediately stop all playing when you do this.
Healthy Play is a Must
Playing with your dog is a must to ensure a few different things. It is a way of bonding with your dog to help them develop a relationship where they are not fearful of you. IT’s important to avoid any games that involve your dog chasing anyone in the house. Instead, go with non-contact ones tugging a rope.
Give Your Puppy a Social Life
It may sound funny to say, but when you have a new puppy, you want to get them out and about to experience the world around them. This is not only great for their development but it can also help them to stop any negative behaviors in their tracks. Unless your dog has high anxiety issues in the public, having them out and around other dogs can help them develop a better behavior and discipline.
There are many different ways you can teach your dog not to bite. Through these several processes, you can not only train a new puppy with a variety of healthy habits, but you can also teach an old dog to stop biting. They may say you can’t teach and old dog new tricks, but with time and dedication to the cause, you can teach an older, more matured dog to stop biting, even if they’ve been used to it their entire lives.
By getting your puppy around other dogs, you can also allow them to socialize in a healthier environment. This will help them to develop a sense of well-being as well as a trusting relationship with you.

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