What If Dogs Could Talk…? This Is So Awesome You Will Be Stocked!

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Imagine the world in which your dog could talk…!


Imagine if you are in trouble or if you pass out on the floor,  and your dog can call 911 and tell operator to come and help you. With the FIDO project at Georgia Tech it might be possible sooner than you might think.


Of course the dogs will not be calling and talking, but the device attached to the dog will allow them to pull different belts, or wave their nose in front of the sensor or press a button with their nose to activate the sensor and to relay the message.
Dr. Melody M. Jackson is the founder and director at FIDO project is an ongoing research project at Georgia Tech’s Animal Computer Interaction Lab. The project was started with the thought what impact the dogs would have in the world “…if dogs could talk..and how can we change the world if dogs can talk…”.
It is simply an amazing project and extremely interesting short video.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.