A 20 Year Old Labrador Retriever Surrendered To Animal Control!

Let’s Rewind 20 Years Back and Try to See How it  Might Have Been…

A little yellow labrador retriever puppy was brought home and everyone was very joyful, everyone wanted to hold him and pet him and play with him, and that little puppy let’s call him – Blaby, licked everyone’s face and was very happy. Then one day 20 years later something happened, we don’t know what could have happened. Knowing dog owner’s attachment to his pet, something drastic should have happened for the owner or owner’s family to give up their dearly loved family member. Maybe, unfortunate, owner’s death. Maybe grave illness. We think that attachment after 20 years of life together is so great that there is absolutely nothing that can separate an owner from his dog, except force majeure circumstances – such as death.

Or maybe the owner didn’t have anybody in this world except this sweet dog and when the owner passed away there was nobody around to step up and give love and care to this wonderful animal. Whatever it is we can only speculate at this moment.
We will try to find out more information if we could and bring it to you on exactly what has happened.

The photo of an elderly Labrador retriever, reported to be 20 years of age, being surrendered this week to an animal control in San Antonio, Texas, shattered hearts and inspired frantic networking efforts. Fortunately, the dog was out of the facility in short order thanks to the many strangers who were working on his behalf.
source: examiner

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