Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Dalmatians!

If you think Dalmatians were born with their distinct feature, you’re wrong.

Dalmatians are popular because of their salt and pepper appearance – their white colored fur together with black spots makes them easy to spot everywhere. However, they were not actually born this way. All Dalmatians are born as pure white dogs. As they mature, they will eventually acquire their famous black spots even in their mouths. Their first black spots will usually appear within 3-4 weeks after they were born.

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Dalmatians love to run.

If you’re looking for an awesome jogging companion, look no more as Dalmatians would gladly run with you! Fast and long distance runners will enjoy running with these babies because they use to run with horses, which meant they have great stamina, endurance speed and love for exercise.

Dalmatians are known to be healthy and sturdy dogs. However, some may be prone to deafness and bladder stones.

Dalmatians are some of the dogs that are relatively easy to breed. However, if breeders and owners of Dalmatians are not careful with this breed’s diet, they can easily form bladder stones due to their unique metabolism of uric acid. They are also genetically more prone towards deafness because they lack mature melanocytes on their ears. Blue-eyed Dalmatians are said to be more prone to deafness than other Dalmatians with a different eye color.

Dalmatians only require medium maintenance.

A Dalmatians’ fur is only short and is actually resistant to dirt, saving you some time and effort in cleaning and grooming. However, this could also be the reason why they are very prone to hot and cold temperatures. They are very sensitive when it comes to extreme temperatures.

What are the other things you need to know about Dalmatians?

Dalmatians are very smart dogs and do extremely well with firm training. Their creativeness and drive to obey rules make them easy to train with proper techniques and patience.

Dalmatians do shed moderately but don’t require much grooming. Owners should brush their fur regularly to keep it clean. Another great thing about Dalmatians is that they are among the type of dog breeds that do not have the usual dog smell.

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