Amazing Facts Everyone Should Know About Dalmatians!

Dalmatians are considered medium-sized dogs. If you want a dog that’s not too big but neither is tiny, them Dalmatians would be an awesome choice.

Dalmatians need lots of room to run. They love to run and exercise, and it’s sufficed to say they require a large space where they can stretch, run and exercise.

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Dalmatians are a great pet for families with an active lifestyle. Like mentioned before, Dalmatians are a great breed choice for long distance runners. They don’t mind running, but rather embrace the wind dancing on their skin as they run.

Dalmatians are extremely energetic which is why owners and breeders should always let them exercise well. To burn off their pent-up energy, they need a big room where they can exercise.

Dalmatians live about 10-13 years. Some Dalmatians are able to live up to 15-16 years of age, but one must remember that there are many factors that can greatly affect the lifespan of not just Dalmatians, but all dog in general.

What are other awesome facts about Dalmatians?

It is said that Dalmatians are a rare breed of dog, but some experts beg to disagree. They just seem like a rare breed because they are less popular than other breeds.

Did you know that Dalmatians are not the only dogs with short-fur and black spots over white? There are rare long-coated Dalmatians who are extremely rare. There are also some Dalmatians that have brown spots instead of black. Some are even spotted with rusty-colored spots! There are also Dalmatians called Blue Dalmatians, but their spots aren’t actually blue, but closer to gray.

Want to own a Dalmatian? Know that these beautiful dogs can be willful and stubborn without proper training. As an owner or breeder, it would a big responsibility of owning and training a dog much like a Dalmatian.

Do you know more Dalmatian facts that were not mentioned in this review? Let us know in the comment’s section!

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