Unusual Looking Puppy Finds Her Perfect Loving Home

In a world obsessed with cosmetic beauty, we don’t even treat fellow humans in an acceptable manner when they don’t tick a few checkboxes of expectations.

It is only obvious that we will not be considerate towards animals that don’t look very pleasing. There is no denying that words like beautiful or attractive and ugly or unattractive have a universal resonance. Even some dog lovers are only fond of cute dogs and not ones that appear to be unattractive, either to them or to everyone around them.
Lisa was and is an unusual looking dog. She was not your typical cute puppy whom everyone would want to cuddle or someone will want to beastly take to a dog show. At the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Milpitas, California, the shelter staff found Lisa when she was ten weeks old. Lisa had a scarred face and inflamed eyelids or what is referred to as cherry eye. It should suffice to say that Lisa did not tick the checkbox of being cute or beautiful. She was not very pleasing to the eyes of the beholder.

Lisa was oblivious of her presence and appearance. Obviously, she doesn’t know what cherry eye is and the fact that it can be cured with surgery. Ignorant Lisa was happy, wiggly and squirmy, everything you would expect an otherwise normal and healthy puppy of her age to be. She was not timid, as some would expect. She was not frightened at all and she was not hesitant or conscious that some people looked at her differently or would treat her in a weird way because she was not like some other cute puppies. But the question is who defines cuteness?

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