Why You Cannot Help But Fall In Love With Bulldogs! You Will Understand After Watching This Video!

Bulldogs are among the most popular and loved dog breeds in the world. In America, bulldogs are the sixth most loved dog breed.

They are the most popular in Los Angeles. Bulldog has been our First Dog, aka Oh Boy, who was brought into the White House by Warren G. Harding. Bulldog has been represented on Modern Family, aka Stella. She has won a Golden Collar award. Bulldogs remain a popular choice for mascots of sports teams and universities. Ever since bulldogs were bred in sixteenth century England, they have been subjected to admiration all over the world.

A mix of pug and mastiff, bulldog has variants. There is the English breed, the American breed, and French variant. Bulldogs have many weaknesses but are loved nevertheless. Bulldogs have weight issues. They are vulnerable to hip dysplasia, especially when they grow old and those that are obese.
They have respiratory issues which is why they snore and almost always breathe out through their mouth while asleep. There are other medical problems as well. Despite the challenges, bulldogs are loved, cared for and are the cause of joy for millions of people.

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