This Dog Misses His Owner So Much It Will Bring Tears Of Joy To Your Eyes!

A lot of times we connect feelings only to humans as if our closest friends who live with us and share our life with us do not feel them.

May be they are not able to express their feelings verbally like you do, your canine friends also feel most of the emotions that you do.
They are able to be happy, they get sad, they get annoyed, they get jealous and they are even able to feel the emotions as complex as missing some person. What you have to understand is that even though your dog is merely a part of your life, you are their whole life. They are with you mostly from the time they get used to living in this world to the time they close their eyes forever. You are their only friend, the caregiver, the one they can rely on and the one person who they know and love. These videos which show how the emotions rise high in dogs when they finally meet their soldier owners who have left them for years, you can see how deep a dog can love you to the point they do not forget to and just as excited to see you after many long years.

The specialty of a love of a dog is that they love you without any conditions. Even if you do not treat them right, not give them what they want or even leave them for years, they are going to love you just the same. They do not expect anything from except perhaps some affection, but even that is never a deal breaker for their love despite how nonchalantly you return their extremely enthusiastic show of affection. When they say that a dog is a loyal friend for life, it means that they do really commit and be loyal to you until their last breath.

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