Mcdougal – A Senior Shelter Dog Rescued Just In The Nick Of Time

There are many reasons why animals in shelters are euthanized. Some animals have serious illnesses, some are very aggressive and no training can manage their aggression, but the obvious reason was that shelters are now overly populated. They needed to make room for newcomers. No matter the reason, it is hard for animal lovers and owners to swallow the fact that although laws have been passed to stop animal euthanasia, it is still happening.

I happen to watch a segment posted by Vet Ranch about them being able to save a poor homeless dog on a euthanasia list. I want to share this with you to let you know that there are still people and organizations that are very much dedicated and willing to help rescue these animals from having their life taken earlier than the natural date they are supposed to leave this world.

A homeless stray dog named Mcdougal was rescued by Vet Ranch, an animal rescue organization. The beautiful male dog was a pit bull that was supposed to be euthanized in the shelter he was in. Fortunately for this handsome dog, he found his way to Dr. Matt’s clinic.

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Now you see, Mcdougal was on the list as one of the dogs to be put down because of several reasons. First, he was a senior dog. Second, he has many medical issues. Mcdougal has heartworms. Heartworms are parasitic roundworms that make its way to a host from another host. If not treated properly, it can lead to complications which can turn into life-threatening conditions. Mcdougal also has tumor-like masses in his belly.

When Mcdougal came to Vet Ranch, he has several masses in his belly, as well as in his scrotum. Dr. Matt assessed him and suspected that some were tumors, while the massive one was a Hernia. A Hernia happens when one or more organs try to push through a hole or opening in the tissue, muscle or abdominal wall that keeps it in place. He needs to undergo a surgery to remove the tumors and see if the biggest one was really a hernia or also a tumor.

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