This Cat Meeting Puppies For The First Time And Their Interaction Is Super Cute

Puppies First Day At Home Is Very Exciting Except For The Cat…Well Not Really…

The bad thing for cat is that he is outnumbered now. He was the “king of the jungle” and now there are two puppies besides him that will be running the show. Two very cute and very small puppies were brought home and introduced to the cat. Puppies are excited and they run around and even chase the cat. Cat seems to be ok with it at the moment, we will see how he will be reacting when puppies grow up a bit. But cat will probably be ok, since all animals will get used to each other. Now watch this cute animals interact and play with each other.

Puppies Exploring…
Playing…even though it looks bad, it is not… 🙂
Doggy is just playing, the cat is probably stressed out from all that extra attention from two puppies 🙂

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