Top 10 Reasons Why You Were Denied Of Your Pet Rescue Application

Are you excited to take home that puppy-eyed dog you just saw at your local shelter? That’s awesome news! Owning a pet – a rescue one that is a special privilege. Why? Because there are specific standards you need to pass before you can finally take the dog of your dreams out of that shelter and into your home.

If you think adopting a pet is better than buying one, you’re very much spot on. However, your application can be denied or accepted depending on many reasons. If you’re planning on adopting a new rescue pet, make sure to read the following. These will give you an idea on why some applications in adopting dogs or pets, in general, are promptly turned down.

You live in a home that’s not suitable for pets

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Dogs have needs depending on their breed, health and many other factors. Some dogs require a yard where they can play for hours, so make sure to have an enclosed yard. Some are okay with small spaces being small breeds, and some are happy with just a few minutes out for a walk. Before you file for an application, make sure to check for the shelter’s requirements and to try and check for the following points.

  • You live where pets are allowed
  • you have a homeowner’s insurance that covers dogs
  • you are living near a park or has a yard
  • Your home is large enough to accommodate your new dog

You already have pets that are not compatible with your dog or pet of choice

Some household pets are deemed incompatible with the dog you are eyeing on. Some shelters will ask you to test the waters and see how your pets and the rescue dog of choice will react to each other. Compatibility is the key to make sure you and your pets will live in harmony.

Your pets back at home are not vaccinated or unaltered

Most pets in shelters have already by microchipped, vaccinated, altered and even spayed. If you have pets that were not properly taken cared of and were not yet vaccinated, the shelter will most likely deny your application as they can pose a health risk to their rescued dogs.

You intend to breed

Breeders are not allowed to adopt pets – dogs in general simply because they contribute in the skyrocketing numbers of dogs in shelters. If you breed dogs for a living, or just wanted to adopt one just to breed, you can bet that your application will be denied from the start.

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