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Imagine being the only species of your kind to live in a household. No other humans anywhere around you- only a large furry unknown thing that speaks a completely different language than you do.

Once a day, or sometimes only a few times a week, a leash is placed around your neck and you are taken to a whole new world beyond the walls inside which you live. There are new smells, new things to see, and every once in awhile you see a human just like you, but the furry things that provide you with shelter pulls you away from them in fear that you may start a fight. After an unknown amount of minutes, you are whisked back inside the place that is known as “home”, given something to eat, then picked up, placed in a porcelain containment unit and hosed down with water. Much to your dismay, you are scrubbed with fragrant soap that smells nothing like the mud pile you enjoyed rolling around in earlier or anything like the spot you buried your coffee in the backyard. Brrrrr- it’s so cold! You shake and shiver as you wait to be put down, water dripped off of you. You are finally rubbed down with a towel and allowed to run around the house to dry off. You pounce at the opportunity to run, and so you do- soaking wet you look to your owner and begin to try and communicate how you feel.

It is here that that a meaningful, yet hilarious YouTube video with an important message titled “Wet Dog” begins. It pans in on a wet dog rolling around and jumping at his owner while his owner does a voice over of a conversation between the two of them…

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.