Dog Food Controversy: Blue Buffalo’s Dog Food – 2 Class Action Lawsuits

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Dogs are known to be domesticated by humans for many years now. Nowadays, they mostly serve as man’s companions. As pets, we want to give only the best things possible, one of which is the best nutrition. Hence, many dog foods are now offered and sold in the market. However, this isn’t the case many years back.

Before dog foods were made available to the public, a domesticated dog’s diet relied on food scraps or leftovers that either has meat or no meat on them. For years, dogs survived on this type of diet up until commercial grade dog foods were marketed.

Dog foods are formulated foods made specifically for dog consumption and possibly, other canines. Dog foods are mostly made up of meat. Thanks to dog’s characteristics which includes sharp and pointed teeth along with their gastrointestinal tracts that are much suited for meat diet consumption.  According to Wikipedia the dog food market will continuously grow along with the increase in demand by dog owners, breeders, and shelters, and is expected to reach up to $23.3 billion by the year 2002.

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Since dogs are one of man’s beloved pets, dog foods come in many types. There are even dog foods that are consisting of strict diets made specifically for dogs who have allergies or are in need of special diets to aid in faster recovery from certain ailments.

Commercial bought dog food are mostly made up of animal grade ingredients. These dog foods can either be dry, also known as kibbles or as wet, also known as canned dog foods. Although many pet owners already switched to home-made dog food, a large number of dog owners still rely on store-bought dog foods. However, due to many reasons involving the safety of our favorite canines, there have been a series of pet food recalls.

Beginning in March 2007, many brands of both dog and cat foods were recalled as many have reported an increase of renal failure cases among pets who were fed mostly with wet pet foods containing wheat gluten. Weeks after receiving complaints from customers, Menu Foods, a Canadian company recalled their goods. Tests proved animals became sick or have died. One of the possible culprit being the presence of melamine in wheat gluten on the recalled dog foods. Because of the said recall, Menu Foods lost an estimated $30 Million.

This is not the only case of recall in the dog food industry. Doane Pet Care had to recall their products due to another toxin found on their dog foods that caused 25 dog deaths. Diamond Pet Foods also had their products pulled out due to a hundred cases of dog deaths and a single feline death. The Culprit? A potentially deadly toxin known as Aflatoxin.

Recently, we had another case of dog food controversy and it involved the company Blue Buffalo Pet Foods Co. A case was filed in 2017 due to allegations that their pet product contained Lead. A case was reopened just this year for the same case. The owner of a 4-year old Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix filed a lawsuit which consisted of 24 pages against Blue Buffalo dog food products. The owner claims that the dog food consumed by his/her dog resulted in kidney diseases and eventually led to kidney failure.

Image Source: The Barking Post

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