Family Abandons their Pregnant Dog Chained in the Backyard Now Find Out What Happened To This Poor Pooch

A family in Ohio Moved And Left Their Pregnant Dog At The Old Address. The Pregnant Dog Was Left Chained In The Backyard.

Stories of people abandoning their dogs are not confined to any city or state. People around the country and all across the world abandon their dogs. It happens every day but it is rare to find a pregnant dog abandoned at a rather advanced stage of pregnancy. It is not just inhuman but unthinkable. To imagine that the dog is chained in the backyard, hence unable to be free, to fend for itself or to protect its newborns and consequently left there in a helpless state to die is beyond any reckoning.
People should not take up responsibilities they don’t wish to, want or can’t. There is no rule that mandates people should adopt dogs or have dogs as pets. Those who do choose to do so because they want to have a dog. If that is what’s desired then one must walk the distance. Abandoning an animal is an offense. Some states have legal statutes that include fine and even imprisonment. One will certainly lose the pet license and there can be other associated damages depending on the case.

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