You Have Never Seen Anything Like This! Meet Quasi The German Shepherd With A Short Spine And A Heart Of Gold

It Is A Very Rare Genetic Disease With Only 13 Documented Cases In The World With This Type of Disorder.

Quasi was born with a genetic disorder, which made him develop very short spine relative to the rest of his body. His body doesn’t have enough space for his organs and for that reason they are squeezed and are in a very tight alignment. The vet examining him has never seen anything else like it. She said that she only saw this in the books. In my personal opinion, and I am not a doctor, I think that somebody did something to this poor dog. The reason I think so is because this poor animal’s spine seems to be bent and twisted, as can be seen on the x-rays and that is what the vet in the video is saying.

Very unusual…
He is still very affectionate…
His spine is bent

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