This Is A Must Watch For All Dog Owners…You Will Really Enjoy It!

Dog: “talk about a violation!”
Guy: “you need a bath- you stunk”
Dog: “WHAT! How could you say that!? Come here and say that!”
Guy: “Well, you really stunk”
Dog: “You know what, you’re not so big! I could take you. Okay, maybe I can’t. That’s not the point. How would you like to take a bath? Come and get yours!”
Guy: “Um…I have a shower every day”
Dog: * Shakes water on guy * “Yeah? Well here’s ANOTHER one for ya! UGH. Even my butt is wet! You’re not a dog, you don’t know what it’s like. We need another dog- HE would know what it’s like!”

The screen goes black and a message pops up on the screen that simply reads: “Pets need a pal to talk to” and it is so true. Your pet does need a pal to talk to.

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Just like we need friends and family to talk to and experience life with, your pets need a pal to talk to and experience their lives with. Depression is as common amongst single pets as it is amongst humans with no support system around them. Your pets are not meant to be alone and they have a need for companionship just like you or I do.

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