Unbelievable Dog Rescue – The Amazing Transformation

A Dog with an Extreme Wounds Was Rescued What Happens Next Could Be Nothing Short Of A Miracle…

Animal Aid Unlimited has been a place of amazing stories about stray animals that are receiving an ample care and getting the best life. Their organization is highly committed to providing utmost care and assistance to the street animals that do not have owners especially to the animals with injuries and sickness. They have been a source of inspiration from people all over the world with their dedication to defend and protect the welfare of the animals.
India has a law that protect the street animals, also the dogs are given the rights to live on the place that they were born, but the implementation of this rule is not sufficient and does not ensure the wellness of the street animals. When the animal Aid Unlimited went to Udaipur, they discovered that a lot of street animals are suffering from different condition and a huge percentage of them are dying because of illness and untended wounds. According to the statistics, at least 15 of street animals are being saved on a daily basis, Obie, the street dog is one of them.

Obie, the Stray Dog
Obie was discovered collapsed and has a maggot in his neck area that is infested by maggots. A wire is also seen wrapped on the hind leg of the dog which is a sign of abuse. It was very lucky of Obie to be found by the Animal Aid Unlimited. But the organization said that saving Obie was not the easiest task. The dog was suffering from too much pain which prevents him from eating solid food from day 1 to day 4. Obie was barely surviving because of IV fluids.

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