Thinking About Getting A Second Dog Then You Need To Know This…

How to Teach Your Two Dogs to Get Along (Introducing a New Dog Into Your Household)

According to research, about 40% households in the U.S. have more than one dog, and around 28% of these households have two or more dogs in their house. That is why it’s important for these dog owners to understand how to properly introduce their pets to one another to ensure that there would be no fights.

Having multiple pets under one roof is a fun place to live in. You have so many playmates,  lots of companions when you’re alone, and you’ll receive a lot of cuddles and kisses when you’re feeling down. But you can’t expect all of these things to happen if your dogs keep fighting each other.

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If you’re trying to bring home a new dog and introduce it to your original dog, then it’s important to understand the right steps on to do so. This is to ensure that your dogs can get along with each other and know that you are their leader.

Steps to Introducing Two Dogs

1. Look for a place where the two dogs haven’t gone through before. Finding a neutral ground for both of your dogs is very important so that no one would claim that the place is their territory. Dogs often fight because their territory is being intruded by other dogs, which is why finding a common ground is critical.

2. Take a walk. Once you’ve found a common ground for the two dogs, it’s now time for you to walk them. Do these in a single line while you and your original dog are in front and the new dog is at the back with another person.

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