Awesome Corgi Facts That Every Corgi Owner and Lover Should Know

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Do you love Corgis as much as I do? Then there has to be a couple of reasons why you love this special breed of dogs. I know, I know, every dog is special, and all dog breeds are special. However, one can agree that every breed has their own unique traits, qualities, and personalities which makes them special in a different way.

If you’re a corgi lover like me, or perhaps owns an awesome Corgi, there are things you can use to describe your fluffy fur ball with a butt that resembles a peach. I found a video made by The Dodo dedicated to Corgis facts every Corgi owners and lovers know.

There are at least seven awesome things About Corgis we know that makes them a favorite!

  1. Corgis don’t sit – they sploot!

There are many dog breeds (as well as cats) that sploot, but is often associated with Corgis. A Sploot is a position where pets lay on their belly while their hind legs are stretched behind them. The Traditional Sploot is when a pet sticks and stretched both legs out. The Half Sploot is when a pet only sticks one leg out, and the Side Sploot is when pets stretch their hind legs out but lean on one side. Animals sploot to stretch, cool their belly or if an animal is in pain. As for Corgis, they just like to sploot more often.

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  1. Corgis butt are the cutest!

Did you know that in Japan, Corgi butts are called Momos because resemble a plump peach? Yep, that’s right! When you think of butts, it’s not the cleanest and adorable part of the body of an animal, but when it comes to Corgis, it becomes an exception. Their butts are a Corgi’s greatest asset, and we have the internet to prove that. Their Momos are big and fluffy, and they get a lot of awwws everytime they strut. What there not to like?

  1. Corgis FRAP like it is their job.

FRAP stands for Frenetic Random Activity Periods. They are random movements and activities dogs do like running around the room and spinning, and then flopping on the ground after being exhausted. Corgis are known to be hyperactive and will have a sudden burst of energy that they need to shake off that excess energy they have. Your dog may go from calm, and then suddenly race across the room for no apparent reason, jump from one couch to another and will ask you to play with him just to get that sudden burst of energy out of his system.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.