Awesome Corgi Facts That Every Corgi Owner and Lover Should Know

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  1. Corgis shed a lot.

This breed is known to shed relatively more than other breeds because of their double coat. Corgis have inner shorter coats and outer longer coats that randomly grows all around your dog’s body. No matter the seasons, this dog will shed quite often and a lot. If your Corgi has smooth and glowing fur, then he is definitely healthy. However, if it has excessive shedding, something that is noticeably more than usual, he may have poor nutrition.

  1. Corgis have tiny legs also called as ‘stumps.’

Corgis have copies of a wolf gene that made their legs incredibly tiny, making them look short. The short, tiny and stubby paws that only added to a Corgis charisma. It was another distinct feature that gave Corgis many fans worldwide.

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  1. Corgis are expert herders.

If you think all herder dogs are big, tall and muscular, you’re wrong! Apparently, Corgis are also expert herders and are actually the smallest herding dog there is. Because of a Corgi’s short legs, high-level of intelligence and amazing alertness and hyperactivity, Corgis can outsmart a herd of large animals, miss any kick and bump of gigantic flocks as well as lock in a raging group of animals. They are also amazing watchdogs and are very protective of their territory against strangers.

  1. People would always want to pet Corgis in the streets.

The cuteness of this breed is hard to ignore, which makes them an easy crowd favorite. They are adorable, looks innocent and not to mention as fluffy as a cotton candy. No wonder everyone wants to touch them, even little children.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.