This Dog Spent Last 7 Years In A Shelter And Finally Fate ‘Smiled’ At Her

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After 7 Years, A Stray Dog Finally Goes Home

How does it feel to be waiting 7 years to go home? While many of us may never know what it’s like to wait in a shelter for a forever family, one Labrador mix, Rachel, has been in a shelter since she was two years old. When a stray arrives to a shelter in the early years of their life, only to live out the rest of their days inside that same shelter, you can already imagine just how depressing and heartbreaking the dog must feel.

Waiting to Go Home
As dogs age, they often get slower and less energetic. Most senior dogs that are up for adoption have the hardest times finding an adopted family for this reason. It’s a shame that anyone, dog or human, should have to spend most of their life waiting to have the love and protection of a family.

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When Rachel was first rescued, she arrived at Oklahoma’s Yukon Animal Control and was rescued by the staff at the Pets and People Humane Society. Just a two year old dog, Rachel was full of life and energy, ready to play with anyone.

As Rachel aged over the years inside the Humane Society, she became more mellow and easier to get along with when the other dogs and cats wanted to play with her. While becoming calmer is a good thing, it was still heartbreaking to witness Rachel getting turned down time and time again by potential parents.
Images Source: Susie’s Senior Dogs

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