5 Awesome Tips and Tricks For a Stress-Free Way of Cutting You Dog’s Nails


Is the most dreadful part of grooming your dog, today? Then you’re sure to have the first-day jitters even if this is not your first time doing it. What part of grooming am I talking about? Nail trimming.

Most dog-owners are afraid of trimming their dog’s nails, mainly because of the fact that these babies have sensitive nails. Yet this is one task we cannot ignore, as long toes will not only cause pain and discomfort for our dogs, but these can also become sore, to the point of arthritic.

With these easy tricks, you will learn how to handle nail-trimming minus the stress that comes with it.

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1. Locate the Kwik.

The Kwik is the area of your dog’s nail where the blood supply is located. When you accidentally trim the Kwik area, that’s when bleeding and pain for your dog comes in. To avoid causing pain and bleeding nails on your beloved pooch, learn where your dog’s quick ends, and that’s the area you would want to cut.

Image Source: 3milliondogs

How can you locate the Kwik? Use a flashlight or lift up your dog’s paws near a light source. If your canine buddy has white nails, you’ll easily spot the kwik. Dogs with darker nails, however, will be harder to find the kwik. If you’re not sure where it is best to ask your dog’s vet on your next visit.

2. Make sure to use trim your dog’s nails once every few days.

Nail-trimming your dog’s nails at least once a week will enable the kwik to pull back faster. Mini trims every now and then will help pull the kwik back faster, while failing to do so will cause it grow longer as it matches the pace your dog’s nails go by.

Also, cutting your dog’s nails regularly is a safety precaution. There are times when dogs with long nails get into small accidents which causes their nails and kwiks to break. Infection can result from these and is one thing you wouldn’t wish for your dog to have.

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