5 Awesome Tips and Tricks For a Stress-Free Way of Cutting You Dog’s Nails

3. Divert your dog’s attention, bend its paws back and trim.

You’re not the only who has a love-hate relationship with nail trimming your pet. There are dogs who are terrified with just the sight of clippers, so this little trick can do the trick.

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With paws bent backward, cut the nails one at a time while they are facing the ceiling. Be sure to watch out for the kwik!

4. Styptic gels always come in handy in times of nail-clipping accidents. 

Although some owners tend to shy away from these anti-bleeding formulas, you’ll never when you’ll need one.

5. Give your dog a hug with matching treats for being a good boy.

Good behaviors should always be rewarded. Your best bud only deserves one or more if he made the nail trimming experience a less stressful one.

There you have it – five tips and tricks for a stress-free dog nail trimming. It’s important to note safety is always a priority, and if there really is no way for you cut your dog’s nails properly and you have the capacity to bring your dog in for a professional nail-clipping, you are very much free to do so.

Image and Article Source of this review: 3milliondogs

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