The Story Behind This Poor Poodle’s Five Pounds Of Dreadlocks Is So Horrific, You Won’t Believe It!

As dog owners, we always make it to a point to always take care of our babies. We make sure to brush and comb their hair every week, give baths right when they needed it, feed them only with nutritious foods, let them have daily exercise, have regular check-ups, vaccines and the like.

But for some owners who are neglectful of their dogs, they keep them locked up in cages, fails to feed them properly, even lets their furry friend’s hair grow so long it starts to look like matted locks. This is what happened to a poor poodle who got hair so long it began to look like dreadlocks.
It was a tough day for the Humane Society of North Texas. Last June 27, HSNT got a hold of severely neglected animals – one of which was a poodle they named Pierre.
Pierre was only four years old, but it seems he has never received love, but only years of neglect. His fur was severely matted, very long and dirty that it has become dreadlocks. He cannot move freely due to the weight of his hair. Only years of neglect could explain why his hair ended up getting so long and dirty. He was the worst case they received in this batch of rescued dogs.
It would take hours of grooming before all the old and nasty fur is removed, along with treating the possible skin infections hiding under those horrific locks. How can anyone do this to such sweet animals?
There was no known info about the woman who surrendered the animals. However, considering the state of the animals, the relations manager of HSNT said they knew they had to save them and fast.
They were able to rescue some animals. They arrived via a truck who pulled up in a shelter in Texas. They have been traveling for five hours and were in kennels covered by a tarp. Dogs and cats are found, as well as some exotic animals like a snake, a turtle, and sugar gliders.
All animals arrived in a terrible condition. The turtle was even found in a box where he can’t even move or turn around, swimming in a sea of fecal matters and urine. They have a number of health concerns, but what they far the most is for the animals to suffer heat stroke.
When it comes to the furry animals, each has their own fair share of matted furs, but no one can beat the horrible condition that Pierre was in.
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