A Homeless Pup Was Hit By A Train, But That Did Not Waver His Spirit.. Watch What Happens In This Amazing Video!

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Stray dogs face different kinds of struggles every day of their lives. The fact that they have barely enough food and clean water source may actually be the least of their problems. One of the biggest things need to face is also not the cold and heat of the sun, or the different disease, infections, and illnesses they may catch while living the life of the homeless. Every day they struggle to live – and apparently, stay alive.

Homeless animals, particularly pets live with dangers present left and right. They are at great risk of being hit by cars, trains and other vehicles. They are at risk of being injured in different settings and circumstances, and the fact that they have no home and no owners to go home to makes matters even worse.

I was spending time on Youtube, looking for dog videos as usual as it is my favorite past time and a way for me to take stressful matters out of my head. I happened to click on a video uploaded by Animal Aid Unlimited – an animal rescue organization in India.

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If you’ve been reading some my posts here in this blog, you might have come across some reviews based on their rescue videos. One of the reasons why I tend to share their rescue stories was not only because of their genuine love and care for these dogs but because their videos are one of the most intense and complex cases of animal rescues there is.

Some have very graphic scenes which can make your stomach churn if you’re sensitive when it comes to those type of things, but their amazing recovery will make you want to watch the whole video. I love watching those types of videos. No, I don’t like seeing animals suffer, but for me, the end of their stories is usually a happy ending, that’s why I got hooked.

The story I’m about to tell is about a young dog who got seriously injured. The poor pup was a stray dog and as young as he is, already come face to face with some of the worst-case scenarios that a stray dog can possibly come across.

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.