Man Bursts Into Tears When He Finds His Stolen Pit Bull

“He turned up, He’s here!”: The Reunification Of A Man And His Dog

Frantic, Barry Gearhart began to search for Titan, his beloved pit-bull. This particular day, which started out like any other day that they spent together in Palm Beach, Florida, had taken a turn for the worst very quickly.

At the start of the day the sun was shining, the breeze was perfect, and it was a normal afternoon running errands, saying hello to friends, and going about their business. Titan really liked to ride in the back of Barry’s truck as they rode around town, and Barry loved to have him along for the ride. The two were best friends. This specific day was going as planned until the worst happened: Barry went into a store to run a quick errand and when he came out, his beloved Titan was gone- he had been stolen out of the back of his truck.

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Barry Gearhart was devastated. Titan was his very best friend, after all, and now… he was gone. Barry did absolutely everything he could think of to try and find his canine companion. He hit the streets with fliers, filed all the necessary reports, and after those failed he placed his last hope in the power of social media in the hopes that his community would be able to help him find Titan. He had no luck, but Barry never gave up hope. Day after day, week after week, and slowly… month after month he continued his search for Titan, praying, hoping, and believing that one day the two would see each other again. As the hours passed, he carried Titan in his heart wherever he went.

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