This Dog Spent Last 7 Years In A Shelter And Finally Fate ‘Smiled’ At Her

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Love for Senior Dogs

Rachel was lucky to be supported by an organization called Susie’s Senior Dogs, who helps older dogs find parents that love them. Once the Humane Society asked Susie’s Senior Dogs to feature Rachel on their website and social media accounts, Rachel soon found her new family.

One day, a woman was scrolling through Facebook when she saw Rachel’s picture. As soon as she saw Rachel, Laura says it was love at first sight. Rachel was soon adopted and taken to her new home. After 9 long years, this is what Rachel’s fans and friends had been hoping and praying for.
Images Source: Susie’s Senior Dogs

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Rachel is now the happiest she has ever been and is so glad to be loved and taken care of by her new mom. Thank goodness for an organization like Susie’s Senior Dogs for giving more mature dogs like Rachel another chance. Older dogs still have a lot of love to give and deserve every opportunity to do so.

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Images Source: Susie’s Senior Dogs

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.