When This Famous Football Player Walked Into An Animal Shelter And Asked For A Dog Nobody Wanted They Couldn’t Believe Their Ears

Winter Is Coming To The Baltimore Ravens

The 6-year-old Winter found herself left alone, abandoned in an empty house. Not even a window was left open, no food or water, just herself and her fears. As it was quite hot outside she became dehydrated while shaking with fear. Spending weeks alone in these cruel circumstances, to avoid starvation Winter ate what she found. Shortly she started eating pieces of drywall, hopelessly waiting to be rescued. It seemed impossible, but luckily it happened.

After a miracle, Winter was rescued and put into a dog shelter. Even though the circumstances were better, in general, Winter’s situation was still not close to satisfying. As it turned out, Winter’s belly was hanging low, as a consequence of having her used for breeding; overused her to be perfectly accurate. Her body couldn’t handle the number of births it had gone through, altering her outlooks, affecting her beauty.

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When it comes to pet adoption, people usually make their decision based on looks. The dogs having a similar condition as Winter usually end up being forgotten, condemned to live without a loving family. As there are no cures to fix these physical alterations, there was still no exact resolution to Winter’s case.

Image source: BARCS Animal Shelter

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