This Bulldog Reacting To A Beer Ad Will Warm Your Heart

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Do you like to watch TV with your dog? I sure do!

I have two pug mixes, a beagle, and a German shepherd. As you can imagine, that makes for a pretty big family. We’re lucky to have a big room to watch TV or movies at night. My dogs gather around the couch and floor, and we spend a couple of hours watching a movie, or maybe catching up on my favorite shows.

What I love about watching TV with my dogs is that all of them react differently to what they are watching. For example, the German shepherd doesn’t really react to the television at all. On the other hand, one of my pugs will absolutely flip out, when they see something on TV that gets them excited. It can be another dog, but it can also be certain animals or movie monsters that causes her to start barking wildly, glancing back at me the whole time.

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As you can imagine, I could definitely relate to a recent video I saw. It featured a bulldog reacting to a Budweiser ad in the most adorable way you can imagine. Still, you’re not going to believe how absolutely adorable this clip is!

Bulldog Budweiser Ad
The name of the English bulldog is Khaleesi. The Budweiser ad in question features adorable puppies, which might explain why the video has been such a hit with dogs.

bull dog budweiser commercial

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Track Your Dog At All Times - Do You Know Where Your Dog Is? We do.