The Amazing Story Of How A Mother-Son Duo Started The Project Freedom Ride! Wow!

With all the heartbreaking stories we get to hear and see on the news daily, it’s often hard to find something good in this world. All the negativity stems from something, but even though the world we now live in can be full of sorrow, heartaches and horrific news, somewhere around the corner lie a little heart of gold waiting to spread goodness and positivity.

It all started with an adoption

Roman McConn and his mom, Jennifer lived in Texas from 2013-2016. There, they were exposed to what know as Texas kill shelters. They went out one fateful day to adopt a rescue dog named Luna from one of those kill shelters. The date was sometime in July 2015. Young Roman asked his mom why all the other dogs are still in the shelters. Jennifer told his son that all the other dogs left behind the shelters are still looking for homes, just like Luna. What instilled in Roman’s mind was that we need to find these dogs back at the shelter their homes.
The Birth of Project Freedom Ride
The mom and son duo knew they needed to do something to try and help these dogs at the kill shelter find a forever home, so they set to work. Jennifer volunteered in the local shelter. She made videos that helped the dogs gain exposure so someone would take an interest in adopting them. Not only that, but she also got involved in local dog rescues. His son, Roman became the face of many photos and videos that networked the dogs.
Came the summer of 2016, Jennifer and Roman moved to Washington State as the head of the family got relocated overseas. Jennifer would often joke around with Texas Rescue that it would be better to create an underground railroad specifically for dogs as the conditions are much better in Washington than in Texas. This became a reality in December 2016 after Project Freedom Ride was born.

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