The Feelings We Get From Watching These Awesome Moments Of Dog Reunions Are Priceless

Why Are Dogs So Happy When Their Owner Returns From a Long Trip?

Dogs are men’s best friend. That’s a sentence which is as old as the world, and this is so for a particular reason. Ever since they were domesticated, dogs were used for various things. From hunting down animals to protecting the property of their owner – dogs were the animals which a person could trust. They were always going to be there to offer a helping paw in case of troublesome situations, and it seems as if they would do absolutely everything for their master. We’ve all seen these YouTube videos of a dog owner coming home from a long trip to see his dog getting unnaturally happy to see him. However, the reasons for this might not be that deep love to the owner that most of us tend to believe.
Dogs are Creatures of Habit and Routine
Dogs are incredibly intelligent, but their conscious is, however, limited to certain habits. For instance, a dog won’t chase the stick because he knows you want him to. He will associate the chase with the basic routine after which he gets credited. He knows that when you give him the stick back he would receive a treat or a pet, and that’s why he does it. He doesn’t know that you are happy with it. This is also why they get so attached to people. They associate certain people with certain routines. The owner who’s been gone for a long time is the person who has always been there for the dog, who has helped him, who has walked him in the park and who has fed him. The dog associates his returning with all these things. They are not in love with you – they are in love with the things you do for them, and that’s why they are so happy.

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