Greyhound Who Was Once Terrified Of Affection Falls In Love With His New Brother

Affection-struggling Greyhound falls in love with his new brother

Dogs behave like humans in so many ways. They love and want to be loved back. The story of Hero is a heart-rending one and if you love dogs, his story will touch your heart. He was in the dog-racing industry last before he got rescued. He was then 3 years old and completely anti-social. He had never lived with people or other dogs.
Going Home Greyhounds rescues greyhounds and is the one that took him to Portland, Oregon. Philip Jones and his wife thereafter adopted him.

Tough love
Hero knew nothing else but lots of noise from other dogs and rough handling. You can imagine how difficult it was to adjust with the Joneses. He suffered from separation anxiety and was always trying to fight for his space. It was easy to notice that he was having a hard time coping with the love that he was showered with, now that he used to live without it.
The new parents
His adopted parents were very accommodative of him and loved him more, reassuring him all was okay. In time, he seemed to come out of his anxiety, though he goofed a lot of the time!
3 years down the line
It has been a 3-year long journey for Hero to turn over a new life from a race-dog who couldn’t love to a loving dog that he is today. Guess what, Hero is now 6 years old and getting happier by the day.

Credit/Source: Scott Merrihew / thedodo

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