What Happens When A Pit Bull Discovers An Abandoned Puppy? Find Out Now!

Pit Bull Saves Abandoned Puppy

The story I came across relates a man who was taking his pit bull out for a walk. As any pit bull owner will tell you, taking your buddy out for a walk can prove to be quite the amazing adventure. These dogs have a tremendous sense of curiosity and playfulness. It can really warm your heart sometimes. I personally like to take Molly for a longer walk at the end of a long, hard day. It always cheers me up.

But sometimes, the adventures your pit bull can take you on will take you to some dark, unfortunate places. This is what happened with the pit bull and his owner, as the pit bull eventually lead him to a severely abused, abandoned puppy. The man’s heart melted immediately, and he saw to it at once that the dog got the help they so desperately needed.
Image Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC

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Thanks to Ace the Dog, Theo is now on a remarkable road to recovery. There is no question that this road is going to be a difficult one. But with the best care possible in his corner, I can’t imagine Theo failing to continue to improve. His health is only going to get better and better, if you ask me. This dog is finally going to receive the love and attention it so sorely deserves and needs.

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You can read the full story this review is based on Here . Images Source: Second Chance Rescue NYC

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